First-Time Gun Owner's Tips - Part 4

Part IV - Ultimately, It’s about safety

In the first two articles about safety, we discussed the basic rules and some technical considerations.

Today, we will look at recommendations for the daily management of your firearm. Specifically, when you are carrying it and when you are not.

First-Time Gun Owner's Tips - Part 3

Part III - It's still about safety

There is a lot more about safety than just hitting the right target and not hitting the wrong one.

In this new installment we will take a look at the material aspects of properly managing your gun.

First-Time Gun Owner's Tips - Part 2

Part II - It's all about safety

Staring down the barrel of the .38 Special revolver, I said "Do you mind if I check it?".
"Don't worry", she replied, "I unloaded it myself".

Stepping to the side, I took the gun and swung the cylinder open.

First-Time Gun Owner's Tips - Part 1

Part I - Buying your First Handgun

You are new to firearms and you have decided that the time is right to make the jump and buy that first gun.

For this series of articles, we will assume your main goal is to defend yourself and your family.
There are many other reasons for wanting a gun, such as sporting/competition, hunting or just plain fun, but protection is what we will cover here.


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